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The right scent matters as much as the right way to wear it! Check out our fragrance tips before getting ready for the next trip.


           Wearing one fragrance during the trip is a way to remind yourself of all the memories after you came back. Check out our small tips and tricks before getting ready!

#1 Choose Eau de toilette
Wearing a light scent in eau de toilette version that bursts with positivity is a must when it comes to travel a long day in summer, especially when you don’t want to overshine people as a city’s visitor.

#2 Two Scents 24/7
Make a difference between day and night. Choose LYN KISS to uplift your mood for daytime exploration and LYN VELVET for a night with your loved one in a romantic city.

#3 Apply it best
Spray a few spritz of your fragrance on your pulse points such as behind ears, wrists, inside the elbow or back of knees as the heat of your body will help develop and diffuse the scent perfectly. PS. don’t rub it on your skin after sprayed!

#4 Travel light
When you need on-the-go touch-up and spritzing but you don’t want to carry the bottle along with you, spray the fragrance onto cotton balls, seal them, and put in your bag. Dab the cotton balls onto your skin, it works!


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